Sands of imagination

Sand sculptor Leo Vemualis Photo: Joe Mastoianni

By Jessica Micallef

Fluttering fairies have flown into Riddells Creek.

The Enchanted Forest Sand Sculpting Exhibition showcases 15 sculptures, each handcrafted from 30 tonnes of sand to capture children’s magical imaginations.

Exhibition tour guide Rosie Gallicchio said international artists have created the dazzling display that tells a story.

“We have 15 sculptures produced by 11 different artists from all around the world, including Australia,” she said.

“You try and find the missing key and help Tony and Odette. We take you on a little journey. You get tokens along the way to help you understand things about friendship, about fun and having courage in your life. It’s a story that incorporates the important things that we should be looking for … to have a great life.”

Ms Gallicchio said children can feast their eyes on imaginary creatures that come to life through sand.

“We have fairies, dragons, unicorns, goblins. We’ve got fairy castles, griffons. We have an enchanted tree, we’ve got a pegasus. There are lots of creatures,” she said.

“There’s a great sand pit to play in and an area for kids to try their hands at sand sculpting. They can go in the arts and crafts room and create some sand art and take it home with them.”

The exhibition will run until April 30 at 1012 Kilmore Road, Riddells Creek, Wednesday to Sunday.