Romsey’s timber transition

Two Romsey businesses will receive grants as part of the state's transition away from native timber harvesting (Unsplash).

Two Romsey businesses will receive grants under a program that aims to assist companies in the transition from native timber harvesting and create new jobs.

The Victorian Timber Innovation Fund (VTIF) provides grants to businesses around the state to assist them with diversifying their operations and creating new opportunities in communities that once relied on the native timber industry.

This has included funding companies’ transitions to plantation timber, construction and earthmoving services.

Meyer Log Cartage will receive $301,269 to transition to private tree services and Central Excavations and Contracting will receive $249,155 to become an earth moving business.

The third round of the VTIF was expanded to include harvest and haulage subcontractors, chip truck drivers and other businesses which were heavily dependent on the native timber industry.

The program comes after an announcement from the state government last year about a revised timeline for Victoria’s transition away from native timber harvesting.

Round three of the grants will include Grant Application Assistance Service, where businesses can apply for vouchers of up to $7500, which will help with preparing and submitting strong grant submissions through registered service providers.

Victoria’s native timber harvesting industry was officially shut down on January 1 this year.

Applications for grants under the VTIF are open until Monday, June 30, 2025.