Riddells Creek uproar

By Jessica Micallef

Riddells Creek residents are rallying against a huge housing development, claiming it would be a “disaster” for the town.

The plan proposes 1290 lots on a 131 hectare site, with average lot sizes of 476 square metres on Amess Road, Riddells Creek. The site is currently zoned for urban growth.

The plan also proposes open park spaces, drainage reserves and a community facility.

Developer Sector Advantage is preparing the precinct structure plan for Amess Road in partnership with the council.

But the plans have come under fire by Riddells Creek residents who have created a Facebook group called Save Riddells Creek.

Group creator and Amess Road resident Helen Barrett said the group was created to provide residents with more information on the proposed plan. Since its establishment last month, the group has more than 400 members.

Ms Barrett said she was not happy with the plan, labelling it a “disaster”.

“I live exactly opposite the site and I’ve spoken to a lot of people in the town. The major concern is the size of the blocks,” she said.

“The majority of the blocks are 476 square metres. I’m opposite it and I’m on 2.5 acres. That’s a big upset for the whole community because that’s urban size and we’re rural. They’re going to double the size of Riddells Creek.”

Ms Barrett said Riddells Creek would not cope with the population that would come with the proposed plan.

“As it is, we’ve got no footpath, the roads are rubbish and the train station carparking is already full,” she said.

“We just don’t have the infrastructure, the health, the roads, the parking, any of the services really. Our sporting facilities are lacking. It would be a disaster.

“They want 1290 blocks over there … the sheer size of it is massive. What the people are wanting is more moderate, reasonable development – something that we could cope with.”

Macedon Ranges council undertook public consultation for four weeks in September. The council is not expected to make a decision on the plan until next year. To view the Facebook group, visit: bit.ly/2Vv5JAs