Riddells Creek author releases first novel

Kate Beattie is about to release her first book entitled A Few Shades Greener. (Damjan Janevski)

Having spent years sitting with a simmering ambition to write, Riddells Creek author Kate Beattie will release her first novel later this month.

Beattie’s journey toward the publication of her contemporary fiction, A Few Shades Greener, is a familiar story of a creative person coming into their craft after building a family and career.

Having juggled the load of being a parent and part-time teacher, she finally found the resolve to follow through on her dream after receiving positive feedback on a writing competition.

“That was something where I thought: OK, I must be good enough,” she said.

“The little bit of writing I’ve done, I’ve always felt proud of it, I’ve always felt I can do it.

“But it’s always been my job, my kids, my family, that slows down any side hustle.”

Set in Riddells Creek, A Few Shades Greener is about a woman aspiring to a career in writing.

As parts of her seemingly perfect life begin to unravel, Sarah, the novel’s protagonist, is forced to confront her emotions.

“It’s about courage, forgiveness and living a true life,” Beattie said.

“In the beginning it was slow going with big gaps in-between. But I found that I was enjoying it so much I was building momentum and sitting down every second I had to write.”

The Riddells Creek Neighborhood House is hosting a launch for A Few Shades Greener on May 25.