Residents divided over parking

By Jessica Micallef

Proposed changes to parking restrictions in Pasley and Ligar streets in Sunbury have residents divided.

Hume council is considering introducing four hour parking on one side of Pasley Street, between Riddell and Gap roads, with permit holders exempt. The other side of the street would remain unrestricted.

The council’s sustainable infrastructure and services director Peter Waite said the council was contacted by Pasley and Ligar street residents concerned about a lack of available parking because of a high demand for all day parking from train commuters.

“With studies revealing more than 70 per cent of available on-street parking was occupied in these streets during the day, the streets met the warrants under council’s parking policy for consideration to ensure space is available for residents and their visitors,” he said.

“Council sent letters to residents in these streets last month requesting their feedback on the proposed change. Council is currently collating this feedback before deciding later this year whether to introduce time-based restrictions to the locations.”

Sunbury resident Julie said she often had to catch an earlier train to work so she could secure a parking spot at the station. She said putting restrictions on Pasley Street would make finding a carpark more difficult.

“They [council] keep restricting parking. They haven’t given us any alternatives to park,” she said. “The carpark is full by 6.45am. My daughter goes into university four hours earlier and catches the train with me at 7.07am because you can’t get a park [later]. I’m travelling earlier and earlier. There are no carparks for our commuters.”

Julie’s daughter Isabel urged the council to fix parking at the station.

She said she often had no choice but to park in Pasley Street, but she was concerned for her safety in doing so.

“There’s no security. I’ve had to walk to Pasley Street at 8.30pm and it’s not the safest place. There are no lights,” she said.

A Pasley Street resident, who wished to remain anonymous, said they were pleased the council was considering time-based parking.