Report reveals lack of public transport

A Climate Council report found that that more than 7 million Australians do not have convenient access to public transport (Unsplash).

A new report found that more than seven million Australians in the country’s five biggest cities do not have convenient access to public transport, leading to cars being the chosen mode of transport.

The analysis, performed by The Climate Council, revealed that only about half of those living in Sydney, Melbourne, Brisbane, Adelaide and Perth have an acceptable level of access to public transport

The minimum level of public transport service required to get people out of cars runs every 15 minutes between 7am–7pm and within 800 metres of homes.

Climate Council head of policy and advocacy Dr Jennifer Rayner said that poor access to public transport leads to people relying on cars.

“Nobody likes getting stuck in traffic, but that’s where our transport options have us stranded. Convenient, frequent and reliable transport empowers Aussies travelling anywhere in our cities … to simply ‘turn up and go’ from point A to B,” Ms Rayner said.

“More shared and active transport is a win-win for millions of people … that slashes climate pollution from transport, cuts the cost of living, makes our streets safer and less congested, and cleans up our air.”

Climate councillor and public health physician Dr Kate Charlesworth said that pollution from cars damages our health.

“I want to be able to walk my child to school without worrying about harmful air pollution entering our lungs,” Ms Charlesworth said.