Remembering Brody

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By Jessica Micallef

By Jessica Micallef

Hume council is considering naming the East Sunbury Sporting Club social rooms after a “one of a kind” community member.

Cr Jack Medcraft raised a notice of motion

during a recent meeting for the council to

report on the process needed to have the

club’s social room named the Brody Hourgian


Brody Hourigan was diagnosed with ewing sarcoma at the age of eight and faced many surgeries, radiation, treatment and chemotherapy before going into remission.

At 13, Brody relapsed and had surgery to remove more aggressive tumours, which had long-term repercussions on his health.

At the end of 2019, Brody was diagnosed with dedifferentiated chondrosarcoma. He went into cardiac arrest while undergoing a medical procedure and had to spend six months in hospital.

Brody endured another 15-hour surgery to remove a tumour on his sciatica nerve that left him with a non-function right leg before he was forced to have his leg and hip amputated.

Brody died on Christmas eve last year at 20-years-old.

The Hourigan family is heavily involved with the East Sunbury Sporting Club and Brody played for the East Sunbury Cricket Club.

Mum Tracy said it was a very big honour to have the council consider naming the social rooms after her son.

“He was quite an inspiration and I hope when people look at those rooms or when people walk into those rooms, they represent East Sunbury and understand that not everyone is given the chance to be with their mates and do something they love because my boy didn’t get a chance,” she said.

“Brody didn’t get to play a lot of sport. He represented unity and when you look at sports club they represent unity in the community.”

Tracy said Brody would be looking down with a big smile and would want people to understand that life was precious.

“He would like everyone to live their life to their fullest and reach for their goals,” she said.

“He would be shining down on that room and it will always be filled with positivity.”