Red-letter day for shop

Sunbury Red Cross turns 20 this week. Pictured are Maureen and Chris. Photo: Shawn Smits.

By Jessica Micallef

Sunbury Red Cross has reached a milestone, celebrating its 20th birthday last week.

Retail area manager Chris Drossos said the store’s intention has remained the same over the past two decades.

“The store solely exists to help vulnerable people within the community,” Mr Drossos said.

“The money raised from the store goes to helping other people.

“It’s our sole intention.”

Long-time volunteer at the store Mary Kloss said she started helping out at the Red Cross in 2000.

She said it was a way to give back after the Canadian Red Cross helped her before she moved to Australia in 1957.

“I was a refugee from Austria,” she said.

“It [volunteering] was my way to say thank you.”

Ms Kloss helps out one day a week at the Sunbury Red Cross.

She said spending time with fellow volunteers was one of the best aspects of the day.

“Making money for the Red Cross, advertising the Red Cross and helping out,” Ms Kloss said.

“The people who work in the shop are very nice … very good friends, I enjoy the company.”

Mr Drossos said the store offered affordable clothing, both new and pre-loved, and gave locals the opportunity to come into the store and chat with the volunteers.

He said the store has 30 volunteers from Sunbury and surrounding areas.

“Some volunteers work for four hours a week minimum, but some do an eight hour day and some do two full days,” he said.

To celebrate its 20th birthday, the store is offering 25 per cent off store-wide.