Pride in a job well done

Romsey Neighbourhood House and Romsey/Lancefield Lions Club members helped move thousands of greenhouse plants. (Supplied)

Oliver Lees

Romsey/Lancefield Lions Club has been kept busy recently with its members helping transport hundreds of pot plants for a couple moving home.

The volunteer organisation was alerted to the job via the Romsey Neighbourhood House, who knew of a couple of older residents with health issues who needed a helping hand.

Romsey/Lancefield Lions Club vice president Angela Heywood said it was a mammoth effort that involved shifting prickly cacti and other assorted house plants from the couple’s greenhouse in Romsey.

“It was such a big job, it took several hours,” she said.

“Some of the cacti plants were about five-foot high. They were quite heavy and awkward, and you can imagine the thorns.

“But we were lucky enough to have access to four trailers that helped us go back and forth between the properties.

“Apparently his [the homeowner’s] love and hobby was plants, it wasn’t a business. He was growing all sorts of orchards and other things in a very large greenhouse. He was very appreciative of our help, and I get great pleasure in being able to help someone.”

Ms Heywood said she had also recently been involved in cooking free meals for those in-need, which are distributed via the Romsey Co-op.

The Romsey/Lancefield Lions Club is planning a street clean up on Melbourne-Lancefield Road on November 7.

If you’d like to get involved, contact Geoff: 0413041721