Playground fit for a TV show

Pic of Goonawarra Primary student Eloise (9) in the school's new playground. Photo by Damjan Janevski. 213168_01

Jessica Micallef

Goonawarra Primary School pupils have a new and exciting playground that promises to be all sorts of fun.

The new grade 5 and 6 playground, inspired by the hit TV show Australian Ninja Warrior, features monkey bars, jumping stones and a warped wall.

The playground was installed at the school last month and was co-funded by the school and real estate developer Kingsfield.

School principal Dolores Giordimaina said the playground provided a range of physical challenges for the senior pupils.

“It was an opportunity to rethink our play opportunities for our older kids because those playgrounds were designed 30 years ago and our kids are different in regards to what they think is fun and entertaining,” she said.

Teachers consulted the pupils earlier in the year about a desired design for the playground and majority of pupils requested a ninja-themed playground.

Grade 4 pupil Eloise said she was looking forward to playing on the playground with her friends once she could return to school.

“It’s [the playground] amazing, it was exactly what we asked for,” she said.

“It looks like it is going to be lots of fun. My favourite thing would be the warped wall because it is a challenge.”

Ms Giordimaina said funding the playground would not have been made possible without the help from Kingsfield.

“For a school to get to this level of funding it does take time to save funds and that kind generous donation really sped up the process,” she said.

“Now we are waiting for our lovely students to be active and be in a space where you can interact and have fun.”