Plans for a new Kyneton Primary School get a big tick

Plans for a new Kyneton Primary School have been enthusiastically welcomed around town, with many prospective parents seeking meetings to talk about the design.

Principal Alistair Rayner said there had been a lot of ‘‘enthusiasm and excitement’’, with people expressing overwhelming support.

Detailed plans for the new school on Edgecombe Street, next to Kyneton Secondary College, were unveiled at a community meeting, and are on display at the current school and in main street community information windows.

The design features a range of learning spaces catering for all types of learners, including ‘‘quiet spaces’’ for children with special needs.

“We’re kind of surfing a wave at the moment,’’ Mr Rayner said.

‘‘We’ve been having a lot of meetings with prospective parents wanting to talk through the plans. The reception’s been fantastic.”

Mr Rayner said access-for-all would be a big drawcard of the new school.

“When I came on board at the start of term four last year, I was so pleased to find that plans had advanced to the state [they had].

“They had thought about kids’ learning needs, not about teacher’s teaching styles,’’ he said.

“We will focus on developing teaching styles to work in those spaces.

“Our practices are already changing.”

Incorporation of the latest technology won’t come at the expense of “authentic, collaborative conversation”.

“Our approach is to put the right kind of device in front of children to, again, suit their learning style,” Mr Rayner said.

“It’s about point of need.”

Mr Rayner said the school would remain “emotionally invested” in the town centre from where it began.

“We’re not about dumping and running,’’ he said. “We’d love to see it used as some sort of education facility.”

The Education Department has the first option on the historic Baynton Street site once the school shifts at the end of 2017.

Macedon MP Mary-Anne Thomas said the government’s $21.8 million investment in Kyneton’s schools would create an education precinct to set the standard for years to come.