Petition urges water upgrade

By Jessica Micallef

A Kyneton resident is calling on the state government and Coliban Water to “urgently” upgrade the Kyneton Water Reclamation Plant.

Sallyanne Craig claims local waterways are being “poisoned” and has created an e-petition calling for the plant to produce class B water only.

About 250 people have signed the petition since it was started on October 20. “The plant is unable to cope with increased demand from population and industry growth, resulting in Coliban Water releasing class C water into local rivers, streams and lakes,” Ms Craig said.

“This has resulted in the pollution of the waterways, threatening the ecology of the streams and rendering the water unable to be used by farmers, fishers and … recreational users.

“Coliban Water … have stolen from the community what is rightfully the community’s – a clean, healthy river.”

Class B recycled water can be used for human use. Class C recycled water cannot be used for drinking, food production and filling swimming pools or spas.

In June, Coliban Water was forced to undertake a daily emergency discharge of class C water from the plant into the Campaspe River which runs through tourist destinations including Lake Eppalock and Turpins Falls.

“Tourism is a big drawcard for the Macedon Ranges so when you have poisonous waterways and signs saying ‘don’t swim’, that’s a really big downer for the whole region,” Ms Craig said.

“Upgrade the Kyneton Water Treatment Plant to a standard whereby the river is protected. We want it to be upgraded to be the best facility that only produces class B water.”

Last month, Coliban Water announced plans to install additional aerators in lagoons to ensure water released from the plant is within the Environment Protection Authority’s (EPA) licence conditions.

Coliban Water project director Tony Kelly said the aerators will help ensure water released from the plant is keeping within the EPA’s standard.

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