Passion for motorsport

Graeme Williams

By Jessica Micallef

Graeme Williams is gearing up for a volunteering milestone.

This year will mark the Sunbury resident’s 33rd year volunteering at the Formula 1 Australian Grand Prix and 25 years helping out at the Melbourne race at Albert Park.

Mr Williams, 73, said he has always been a fan of motor racing.

“I was competing in motorsport and my wife and I decided to take it a bit further and become involved in the Grand Prix and we took it from there,” he said.

Mr Williams is a track inspector. His role is to ensure the Albert Park circuit is safe for the

“I get to go on the circuit before the event and make sure that everything is out and in the
correct place and that there are no holes that people could fall into,” he said.

“We, as track inspectors, have access everywhere “You meet some fantastic people, you see the motorsport action close and … you make lifelong friends.”

The motorsport enthusiast said the Formula 1 Australian Grand Prix was his all time favourite race.

“The atmosphere is electric [and] there’s a buzz about the place,” he said.
“They [the cars] have a unique sound and it gets the crowd on their feet.

“But it’s very tiring. It usually takes a week after the event to recover.”

The Formula 1 Australian Grand Prix is on Sunday, March 15 at the Albert Park Circuit, Albert Park.