Parking restrictions monitored


By Jessica Micallef

Parking restrictions in the Macedon Ranges have returned to normal as COVID-19 restrictions ease and visitors return to the area.

To recognise the changing community needs during the pandemic in April, the council’s authorised officers reduced parking enforcement activities for some offences.

Patrols continued and fines were issued for illegal parking in red signed areas such as no stopping zones, loading zones and for parking in a disabled bay without a permit, officers had not been patrolling or issuing fines in green signed areas with times parking restrictions.

Council officers have resumed patrols and will issue fines as normal for illegal parking in all signed areas.

Parking on nature stripes and advertising vehicles for sale on council managed land will also be targeted during patrols.

The council’s planning and environment director Angela Hughes said parking enforcement was important to ensure amenity and accessibility for visitors and locals across the region.

She said she encourages all drives to act responsibly by obeying road rules and parking signs.

“As we move into the recovery phase following recent lockdowns, ensuring fair and safe access to car parking supports residents and local businesses with maximising the number of customers that can be served,” she said.

“Council officers will continue to exercise discretion for parking enforcement around health services in line with recommendations from the Victorians Department of Health and Human Services.

For more information about parking rules and fines, visit or call 5422 0333.