Out of hours works at Calder Park

(Rail Projects Victoria)

Elsie Lange

Buses will replace trains while out of hours works take place at Calder Park this weekend as part of the Sunbury Line Upgrade.

On Saturday, May 7 and Sunday, May 8, from 6am to 7pm, Rail Projects Victoria (RPV) will be doing overhead wiring upgrades, service installations and track works, installing new communications and power services, and maintenance work within the rail corridor to the existing tracks and rail signalling equipment.

RPV said works will involve the use of a saw cutter, excavator, trucks, hand tools and other construction machinery.

Buses will replace trains from 12.30am on May 8 to the last service on May 9, to ensure out of hours works can happen safely, RPV said.

RPV said residents should be aware the works would generate medium levels of noise and vibration and there would be an increase in construction machinery accessing the rail corridor via Holden Road in Calder Park.

According to RPV, these activities can only be carried out when trains are not running.

Traffic controllers will be present at times to consist construction vehicle access, as well as pedestrian and cyclist movements, RPV said.