One brick at a time

Billy Ferguson with his kids Levi and Charlie. (Supplied)

Some young tradies were out and about in Sunbury earlier this month chipping in for a good cause.

Brothers Charlie and Levi joined their dad, Billy Ferguson, on site at the Redstone Estate in Sunbury, where a soon-to-be-built four-bedroom home will be auctioned off for the Good Friday Appeal.

The annual appeal helps raise funds for the Royal Children’s Hospital, with hundreds of volunteers and suppliers offering up their goods and time to build the home.

For Mr Ferguson, the fundraising drive holds a special place in his heart, as he was regularly admitted to the Royal Children’s Hospital as a child.

“With three surgeries from the age of two, as well as multiple prosthesis replacements, the Royal Children’s Hospital was with me all the way,” he said.

“I clearly remember feeling excited going in and changing my prosthesis. Their support and care meant the world to me, and I was able to carry on with my life with sport and school because of that. I am forever grateful.”

In addition to the auction, this year Good Friday Appeal has also launched the ‘Buy a Brick’ campaign.

The organisation is seeking donations from as little as $5, with all proceeds going towards supplying the 12,000 bricks required for the project.

The auction day for the 2022 Good Friday Appeal will be Friday, April 2022.


Oliver Lees