New tool for Sunbury battlers

Judith Te Hiua has just written a new book "The Toolbox." Photo by Luke Hemer

Returned soldiers are finding inspiration through a new book on “life’s little emergencies”.

Sunbury author Judith Te Huia’s latest book, The Toolbox for Life’s Little Emergencies, was launched this month.

Ms Te Huia’s aim was to help provide a tool for anyone struggling with mental health issues.

“I’m a registered nurse, coach, counsellor and mental wellbeing specialist and have helped many people find a healthier and happier way to live,” she says.

“Our aim is to get as many of the books as possible to those in need without the sufferer having to find the funds [for professional counselling] on top of their other worries.

“This book is an introduction to the tools you can learn to use to help you react differently, to connect with the problems and gain different solutions. It’s about taking you on a journey of self-care to find your own inner help, wisdom and peace through meditation, relaxation techniques, changing your thoughts, using visualisation, taking care of self and not feeling guilty.”

She says the book is already having excellent results for returned soldiers suffering from post-traumatic stress disorder and others struggling with loss, grief and postnatal depression. “We have already had some wonderful feedback from those who have read it saying it’s simple to read and the exercises are easy to follow,” Ms Te Huia says.

“They can take the book with them and refer to the page they need at the time they need it.”