New recycling centre

Lancefield Recycling Centre (Supplied) 211434_02

Jessica Micallef

Recycling in Lancefield has been made a bit easier thanks a new local initiative.

Lancefield Neighbourhood House members have set up the Lancefield Recycling Centre – a space for locals to drop off “hard to recycle“ waste items.

House coordinator Vivien Philpotts said the recycling centre opened earlier this month.

“It’s a space where people can mainly drop off those items … that you can’t throw in the recycling bin, but through TerraCycle and some other agencies, they will take some of these items,“ she said.

Bread bag tags, writing instruments, contact lenses, oral care products, batteries, dish and air care products and aluminium coffee pods can all be dropped off at exterior bins at The Townhouse in Lancefield.

“Things like bread tags can be turned into plastic pallets and can be used to make park benches,“ Ms Philpotts said

“Whatever we can find that we can recycle, we will include it in our recycling centre, within the parameters of having enough space.“

Ms Philpotts said the recycling centre “piggy backed“ onto Lancefield becoming a plastic bag free town.

“We are always looking at ways as a community to reduce landfill and have people become more conscious as to what they have and what they throw away,“ she said.

“So we are encouraging people … to use an ice cream container or a little bucket and throw all of those things in and just go down once a week or a fortnight and drop it off.

“I think there is some satisfaction to reducing your landfill as much as you can.

“It is just changing your habits a little bit.“

Residents can drop of their items at the Townhouse, 28 High Street Lancefield, seven days a week.