New chapter for Kyneton tough guys

Director Alex Playsted with J.J. Aitken. (Joe Mastroianni)

By Esther Lauaki

A new club in Kyneton is bringing together blokes and books.

The new chapter of the Tough Guy Book Club is calling for guys from all walks of life to join and bond over not only literature – but bare knuckle conversations too.

Director Alex Playsted said that the club would offer men in the Macedon Ranges a place to make connections.

“The Tough Guy Book Club was founded by a Melbourne guy and when a mate of his asked him if he was OK … it struck with him that he actually wasn’t,” Mr Playsted said.

“It’s hugely important to make sure your mates are OK.”

Founded by Shay Leighton, there are 30 chapters of the club across Australia and America.

Members get together once a month to discuss the themes and topics that arise from the previous month’s reading.

“The Tough Guy thing is more a theme than anything,” Mr Leighton said.

“Mostly we read books by tough guys, rather than as tough guys. The books we choose are guided by a loose central theme of masculinity.”