My Place: Victoria Bonsey

Victoria Bonsey. (Supplied) 242625_01

Victoria Bonsey is a Sunbury resident and a member of the Divine Divas Show Choir. She spoke with Oliver Lees.

What is your connection to Sunbury and the Macedon Ranges?

I grew up in the countryside in the United Kingdom. Despite many years in London, Sydney, Coffs Harbour and Melbourne, I prefer the familiarity of a country town. I’ve been a resident of Sunbury for eight years and I absolutely love this area. Sunbury is a great town with awesome restaurants and cafes. It also has lots of opportunities for being involved in the community and I have been lucky enough to have been a member of the Divine Divas in Sunbury since 2015.

What do you enjoy about performing as part of a choir group?

The buzz I get off the sound is exhilarating and the sound we make together is incredible. It doesn’t matter if you think your voice isn’t good enough and you aren’t confident about how you sound as an individual, when you are coached by an experienced choir director and then sing together in unison and in harmony, you can sound amazing. Adam Przewlocki, our wonderful choir director and founder of the Divine Divas, is an absolute genius at crafting the best sound out of our largely inexperienced voices. I don’t know how he does it but we start with nothing and we end up with an auditory masterpiece. Each song is unique and can be huge fun or quite emotional to perform, depending on what the song writer intended.

The other really great thing about the Divas is the mateship. The community of women who make up or have made up this unique group of singers over the years. Lifelong friendships have been formed through this special group and I am sure will continue to be formed for many years to come.

Do you have other experience in entertainment or the performing arts?

I have always enjoyed and participated in performing arts since I was a child, through choirs and school plays onto bands and amateur dramatics and back into choirs. Choirs have always been accessible and there are so many different types of choirs to choose from, but I do have a passion for music of all kinds. Divas is predominately a pop music choir which means that the songs are easily recognisable to most.

Can others get involved in the choir?

Divine Divas is a choir without auditions and open to women of all ages. If you enjoy music and singing along to the radio you are eligible. We are a friendly group that meet weekly on a Thursday night, either in person at the Salvation Army Hall in Sunbury or on Zoom when COVID-19 restrictions apply. Desirable criteria are a willingness to listen and co-operate. Essential criteria are a desire to have fun and enjoy yourself.

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