My Place: Frank Zambello


Frank Zambello is the secretary of Sunbury Senior Citizens Club Inc. He spoke with Oliver Lees.

What is your connection to Sunbury and Macedon Ranges?

I was 10 years old and living in Moonee Ponds when my good neighbour Bert introduced me to Sunbury. It was a treat to jump in the front seat of his light blue S Serious Valiant with push button gear change and head up to Sunbury to fish at The Nook and catch goldfinches for my aviary. My family and I have resided in the Macedon Ranges for over 40 years, and since we always seemed to find ourselves in Sunbury, decided to move here 22 years ago.

What drives you to give back to your community through volunteer organisations?

I am the person who at a party always wants to ensure everybody is having a good time, so I figure that’s in my genes. I’ve been connected to various clubs and not for profit organisations over the years in many roles. Currently, I am vice president, secretary and newsletter editor of the Sunbury Senior Citizens Club. After someone retires from an engaging career, it’s important that they are not viewed as being retired from life. Seniors shouldn’t be “invisible” which is something I witness regularly. Education, arts, sports, youth, multiculturalism, diversity are worthy causes, but it’s important that government at all levels and the community recognise that seniors are also special and have needs.

Can you tell me about your involvement with the Sunbury Senior Citizens Club?

I have been a member of two Men’s Sheds over the years in varying roles. I feel strongly that Men’s Sheds are not just about working, but should cater for men who either can’t work due to health issues or simply have worked hard all their lives and are looking for meaningful social engagement and companionship. Thus, I became involved in the Sunbury Senior Citizens Club around 12 months ago. A group of friends were seeking a venue to regularly play cards and socialise. We soon realised that we shared the same values, vision, empathy and caring component so vital to cater for a diverse group of seniors. New activities planned are a billiard table, a card table, a new indoor bowls mat, a dart board and board games. A “Ginger Beer Garden” is being developed in the backyard. Every second Friday, a subsidised lunch is being provided. We know we’re on the right track as our membership has doubled.

What’s something people would be surprised to know about you?

My passion is metal work. Call it an obsession, but I have 11 trailers. I built my first trailer when I was 17-years-old. Much to my wife’s disbelief, I now have trailers for all occasions including a pizza oven, a tow dolly, canoe, motor bike, a camper trailer, even one for a motorised scooter! A man can’t have too many trailers.