My Place: Noel Wilcox

Noel Wilcox. Photo: Joe Mastroianni

By Jessica Micallef

What is your connection to Sunbury and the Macedon Ranges?

My wife and I, we’ve been long-time residents in Gisborne South … we’ve been here for 45 years. I have a strong connection to the sporting side of things with the Gisborne Football Club. I have been a long-time active member there … I had been doing the boundary umpiring.

What are you passionate about?

I am a collector of old motoring memorabilia. I do have a part-time business [and] I import items from overseas. I go to swap meets, car shows, and the occasional market. I never collect anything in a particular group, it’s just really anything I find that’s unusual or quirky.

How did you come about participating in the Historic Winton?

When it got to the early ’90s, I was a lost sheep because Gisborne Football Club moved to the Bendigo Football Club and they have their own umpires. I looked at something else that was an interest when I was a teenager, which was cars. I then looked up the historic car racing scene and I joined the Austin Seven Club. It was one of my first cars when I was a youngster.

I co-ordinate the Historic Winton and I have been in that role for the past 15 years.

Tell me about the car you’ll be racing in.

It’s a Gipsy Special. It’s a true Aussie special out of bits and pieces and it has an aeroplane engine. The family call it ‘the beast’. It has a huge amount of power with the aeroplane engine compared with other vehicles. When you put the foot down, it can be very scary.

What is the best thing about Sunbury and the Macedon Ranges?

We love the tranquility, the quietness. Within five minutes, you’re away from the hustle and the bustle and you’re on the Calder Highway – there’s so many little spots that are good.

If you could change one thing about the area, what would it be?

I’d probably look at the road planning. There’s a big amount of estate now in the South Gisborne area and coming towards Sunbury.