Mural’s message a climate warning

Artist Julian Clavijo. Photo: Luke Hemer

By Jessica Micallef

They say a picture is worth a thousand words. In this case, it’s a “strong message” for the current generations.

Artist Julian Clavijo has teamed up with Gisborne Village Shopping Centre to paint a mural to symbolise the world’s climate situation.

Clavijo said the mural, titled Global Warming, represented a “powerful image” in today’s society.

“It depicts a little girl, symbolising the next young generation of the global society, and staring at a climate chaotic planet that we are going to hand over to them,” he said.

“That is represented in the fairy lights. The fairy lights are all tangled and symbolising global warming as such. The next generation is looking at it and looking at us not doing what we should do as a global society. Not just the governments, not just the big countries, pretty much everyone.

“She’s still smiling because it’s a strong message to say there is hope. It’s a powerful image that people can look at and be touched by the colours and the purity and innocence of the girl.”

Clavijo said he was inspired to put brush to canvas by the recent student global climate strike in Melbourne.

“It’s one of my most satisfying murals. I’ve seen it evolve and I am very happy with how it turned out.”

Global Warming is on the corner of Robertson and Prince streets, Gisborne.