Mum’s coffee fast helps autism network

Riddells Creek’s Kristie Murden says giving up her daily latte was a small price to pay to help people with autism – like her son Gus, 7 – get the support they need.

Ms Murden raised more than $1620 for the I CAN Network, which is part of its AWEgust for AWEtism campaign.

Friends and family were quick to support her efforts to kick her daily coffee fix, taking her well beyond her original fundraising target of $700.

Ms Murden says I CAN’s emphasis on the things people with autism can achieve is one of the reasons she chose to become involved. ‘‘It’s quite different and refreshing,’’ she says. ‘‘I’m an optimist and I do find a lot of the stuff around about autism tends to have a negative spin.

‘‘A lot of people do have a hard time with it, but everybody, whether they’re autistic or not, has hardships. I like that I CAN focuses on their strengths.’’

Donations are still being accepted, click here for more details.