Messages of kindness

Macedon Primary School pupils sent letters and artworks to the residents at Gisborne Oaks. (Supplied) 207759_01

By Laura Michell

Letters, artwork, cards and flowers from the community are helping brighten the day for residents of Gisborne Oaks aged care.

Benetas introduced strict lockdown measures at all its aged care centres last month in a bid to protect residents from COVID-19. Since then, Gisborne Oaks has received a steady delivery of letters, cards and parcels from the community, including pupils from Macedon Primary School.

Residential manager Sheena Mannion said the support from the community had been “unbelievable”.

“Before COVID-19 we were a busy home with visitors and volunteers coming through our doors every day,” she said.

“We thought that with the new measures in place that we’d start to feel isolated, but in fact, our phones have been ringing off the hook and we’ve had some of the most heart-warming gifts and packages sent to us.”

Ms Mannion said the acts of kindness had helped remind residents they were still part of the community.

“When we get any of these packages and handwritten letters, I can’t tell you the impact it has on our residents. It just picks them up and lightens their day,” she said.

“As staff here, we’re also reminded of how much love and care those in Gisborne have for our residents, and our work. It’s wonderful to be reminded that while visiting is currently restricted, our connection with the wider community doesn’t have to change. In fact, in some ways, it’s got even stronger.”