Messages of hope

Year 8 students Will Vavallo and Sophie Janusko (Supplied) 206914_03

Jessica Micallef

Salesian College Sunbury students have showered the town with random acts of kindness.

As part of their humanities curriculum, year 8 students were learning about the effect the COVID-19 pandemic has on the economy and the impacts the virus has on human behaviour.

Their learning prompted them to volunteer and spread some positivity across the community and to local businesses.

Students wrote letters and decorated posters and cards with heartwarming messages and delivered them into the community to shine a positive light on a difficult and challenging time for many.

Principal Mark Brockhus said the students are hoping others will join in and support the community with similar small acts of kindness.

“I am immensely proud of our students as they automatically wanted to help others and pass on the message to our community that they are not alone in these unknown times,” he said.

“The posters, cards and letters completed and distributed by our year 8 students symbolise optimism, kindness, our faith and patience.

“These students didn’t expect anything in return and designed them at home to share happiness and love.

“It is time like these that we need to support one another. These selfless deeds give hope.”

Year 8 students Will Vavallo and Sophie Janusko said supporting one another was now more important than ever.

“It is important everyone remembers we have each other and to stay strong,” Will said.

Sophie said: “It’s not hard to spread happiness during these trying times,” she said.

“Remember to be kind to one another, look after each other and stay positive.”