Men’s Shed receives mental health boost

Hume Men's Shed Sunbury members taking part in a first aid course before the pandemic. (Supplied)

The Hume Men’s Shed Sunbury has been awarded a grant to help improve mental health outcomes for its members in Sunbury.

The $5100 in funding is part of Australia Post’s 2021 Community Grants Program, which has provided grants of up to $10,000 to 76 organisations across Australia.

Hume Men’s Shed Sunbury will use the grant to facilitate its Health Literacy Knowledge project.

The project will include a series of four workshops, covering topics such as anxiety and depression, the effects of drug use and emotional safety in a shared environment.

The workshops will be delivered over the next 12 months.

Having previously run mental health courses in the past, Hume Men’s Shed Sunbury president Ted Riley said he was looking forward to putting the funding to good use.

“There were about 13 of us discussing mental health and it was really eye-opening,” Mr Riley said.

“It more or less taught you what to look for, what questions to ask and what help you can actually give to a person, which for us old blokes is quite helpful.”

Australia Post head of community Nicky Tracey said the Hume Men’s Shed Sunbury’s application embodied the spirit of the grants program.

“This has been another challenging year for many Australians, and we know that when we connect with others, we feel better, which is why the Community Grants program is so important – helping communities build better connections and mental wellbeing,” she said.

Oliver Lees