MCG potential source of COVID-19 infection

Tara Murray

The Melbourne Cricket Ground is being investigated as a potential source of infection following a new positive COVID-19 case.

The positive case, a man, who is in his 30s, attended Chadstone shopping centre between 6am and 2pm on December 26, before attending day two of the Boxing Day test the following day at the MCG.

The man was not infectious when he attended either location and is not linked to any other case or to the Black Rock Restaurant outbreak.

At the MCG, the man was in zone five, the normal AFL members section, and was in attendance between 12.30-30pm.

Patrons and staff in that area at that time are encouraged to get tested and isolate until they get their results.

The Department of Health and Human Services is working with Melbourne Cricket Club to contact ticket holders in the relevant area directly and to ensure that all relevant public health actions have been undertaken.

The DHHS said the decision to identify the MCG and Chadstone Shopping Centre has not been made lightly and is precautionary to ensure people are informed and able to take appropriate actions.

A number of close contacts of the man have already been identified and contacted and testing of these people has been undertaken.

Contact tracing interviews are continuing to ensure we identify all primary and secondary close contacts.

The man was the only new community COVID-19 case in the last 24 hours. There were also two new cases in hotel quarantine.