Mark chases his dream

Mark Janson; wife Jeannette Janson; daughter Kylie Swain; and grandsons Deon (3) and Coby (1). Photo: Damjan Janevski.

By Jessica Micallef

Mark Janson’s dream is to walk again.

The Sunbury resident suffered an aneurism at the back of his right knee on June 19.

“I fell to the ground, I couldn’t get back up,” Mr Janson said. “I crawled in the house to get my phone. I rang Kylie [daughter] and Kylie said I should just ring the ambulance.”

Mr Janson, 57, was rushed to hospital and underwent surgery.

“The doctors said they had a 40 per cent chance of saving my leg,” he said. “I said, ‘if you’ve got to cut it off, cut it off. It is what it is.’”

He went through five more operations before doctors delivered the news that his leg needed to be amputated.

“It’s still better than dying,” he said.

Mr Janson is no stranger to fighting back to health, he suffered a stroke five years ago and is determined not to let this latest health battle get the best of him.

Mr Janson, is currently relying on a wheelchair to get around and is hoping to have a prosthetic leg soon.

“I want to get back walking, drive my car. I’ve got my jet ski, fishing boats. I want to do all that again and go back to work”

Mr Janson is hoping to get a prosthetic leg that is waterproof. They cost about $60,000.

Mr Janson’s daughter Kylie Swain has set up a fundraiser evening and a GoFundMe Page to help with the costs.

“We have had heaps of donations. We’re doing bogan bingo and a lot of businesses in Sunbury have donated towards the food.”

Mr Janson’s fundraiser is on Saturday, August 31, from 6pm at Diggers Rest Football Club, Plumpton Road.


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