Marble vandals return

By Jessica Micallef

Stores in Sunbury’s Link Arcade have once again been attacked by vandals.

According to business owners, a group of young people have been caught on camera firing marbles into store windows from the roofs of neighbouring buildings.

Hidden Cafe was one of the Link Arcade stores targeted.

It’s the second time in three months the stores have come under attack.

Hidden Cafe owner Martin Beamer said the vandals, believed to be the same people, struck again at his store earlier this month.

“I just got back from overseas and I was informed by my wife while I was overseas that damage had happened again,” he said.

“My wife left the shop on Saturday [July 13] at 2.30pm. The damage must have occurred between 2.30pm and 7am the following morning because she came in again on the Sunday morning and saw the damage.

“My wife found marbles that day. The costume shop was targeted and she’s got her big front window damaged. It looks like a bullet hole.

“It’s definitely a sling shot with marbles.

“I am very angry because I don’t know when this will stop.”

Mr Beamer said the vandalism was distressing and was costing him thousands of dollars to the replace the damaged windows.

“If I replace the windows immediately, will it happen again?” he said.

“The window was replaced in May at a cost of $5000 to the insurance company with an excess of $500 from me. I will be another $500 out of pocket when I get the window replaced again.”

Mr Beamer said he was dissatisfied with the police response.

“When my wife rang on the Sunday to report it, the police asked to send photographs,” he said.

“They don’t even come down to take a look.

“I know there is a shortage of police here in Sunbury and they just don’t seem to care.

“The first time it happened, I went to the police station in person and the guy was sympathetic. He said to me that there are four police in Sunbury, two on patrol and two at the station and that’s just ridiculous. The population is nearly 40,000.”

Sunbury Acting Sergeant Matt Schappacher told Star Weekly in May there had been four shop vandalism incidents reported in Sunbury dating back to January 21.

Police have urged anyone with information to contact Sunbury police station on 9744 8111.