Major market coming to Oakland

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By Oliver Lees

A major outdoor market with a plant nursery is coming to Oaklands Junction following Hume council’s approval of the plan at a meeting held on Monday.

‘Oaklands Market’ at 230 Oaklands Road will be fitted with a total of 177 market stalls and an outdoor food court area.

Traders will be encouraged to sell items including fruit, vegetables, bread, meats and more as part of the planned space that has been modelled on the design of inner-city markets such as those located in Preston and Prahran.

The market is expected to generate 335 on-site employment opportunities, 415 indirect jobs and 47 construction related positions over the course of the project.

Cr Karen Sherry said the market would bring a range of benefits to the community.

“One of the uses of the Green Wedge Zone is to enhance tourism and recreation, and that’s what a market does. People want to go out to a market and have fun,” Cr Sherry said.

The proposal received six objections from the public, which aired concerns that the site should not be used for this commercial purpose given its location within a Green Wedge Zone.

Cr Jodi Jackson said she thought bringing such a market to Hume was “a great idea”, but argued that it should be located elsewhere.

“… The Green Wedge zone requires open spacious views and minimal development showcasing a rural landscape,” Ms Jackson said.

“This proposal is the antithesis of that, it has extensive built form and has an urban appearance and function.

“I sincerely believe that allowing something like these to go ahead would be to the detriment of those who live in the Green Wedge.”

Hume council’s Rural Strategy document outlines that as well as providing benefits to the community, council’s Green Wedge Zones must also prioritise protecting Melbourne Airport when considering development opportunities.

The council document identified that Melbourne Airport provided no objection to the proposal.

Cr Jack Medcraft said the market would provide a boost for local commerce.

“We want to see Hume kick on, we don’t want it to be held back in the dark ages,” Cr Medcraft said.