Little piggies find home

Pam Ahern feeds the 'secret seven' pigs. Pic Marco De Luca

By Jessica Micallef

The secret life of pigs is being revealed at Edgars Mission.

The mission, a not-for-profit farm sanctuary in Lancefield that provides shelter and care for homeless, abused, injured or abandoned animals, recently took in seven abandoned pigs.

Communications and education officer Paula Jewell said the family had been tagged “the secret seven”.

“They are two mums and five babies,” Ms Jewell said. “People are unaware of how pigs live, so it’s like [watching] their secret lives.

“It’s also a secret on how clever and clean pigs really are … people think they’re this dirty animal. The babies are quite cute … they like to have fun.”

Ms Jewell said she was excited at the progress the “secret seven” had been making while in the care of Edgars Mission.

“They were struggling to survive and were doing it tough,” Ms Jewell said. “The transition is incredible … after a week, they are learning to trust us and are looking healthier.”

Edgars Mission is currently home to 400 rescued animals.

“Obviously, we would love to keep them all, but we need to get them to a life-long loving home,” Ms Jewell said.

Anyone interested in providing an animal with a new home can phone Edgars Mission on 0408 397 301.