Life of the Ranges on display

Kyneton Museum supervisor Alison Buchanan at the exhibit entitled 'Biodiversity Crisis: Animals & plants of the Macedon Ranges'. (Damjan Janevski) 252028_01

A new exhibition showcasing the Macedon Ranges’ unique flora and fauna has arrived at the Kyneton Museum.

Entitled ‘A Biodiversity Crisis: Animals and Plants of the Macedon Ranges’, the exhibit a collection of the region’s various species of animals and native plants.

Macedon Ranges council acting environment co-ordinator Krista Patterson-Majoor said she hopes the exhibit will help people understand and appreciate the threats to the region’s biodiversity.

“For me, the exhibition is a chance for the community to improve our environmental literacy, so when people are out they can recognise a scat [feces], or they might start getting some clues of what’s present in our environment,” Ms Patterson-Majoor said.

“Even the simple things like working out what’s a wattle tree and what’s a gum tree. We’ve tried to build that into the exhibit so it’s a hands-on experience for children and families to enjoy.

“It’s also a call to action. We’ve had animals that have gone extinct here and we don’t want that to happen anymore.”

Ms Patterson-Majoor said the exhibit will also include interactive elements such as a pledge tree, where individuals can write an sustainable pledge on a postcard that will be mailed to them as a reminder to respect the shire’s environment.

The museum is open every Friday, Saturday and Sunday from 11am to 4pm.

The exhibit will run until February 27.


Oliver Lees