Last call for charity snags

Peter Ryan; Veronica and Graham Green. Photo: Damjan Janevski.

By Jessica Micallef

After nearly 10 years of flipping hamburgers and turning sausages on Saturday mornings, Graham and Veronica Green have called it a day.

The Greens, and fellow Sunbury resident Peter Ryan, have spent many a Saturday hosting sausage sizzles outside the Royal Hotel Sunbury.

Mr Ryan is also hanging up the tongs – after 15 years.

The weekly barbecues were all about raising money for Challenge, a charity that supports children with cancer. The trio estimate they have raised close to $400,000 for the charity.

The Greens volunteered to take over from the previous barbecue chefs nearly 10 years ago.

Since then, they estimate they have cooked about 50 hamburgers, 13 kilograms of sausages and multiple bacon and egg sandwiches each week.

Ms Green and Mr Ryan said getting to know the locals was rewarding.

“All the children that came past were just amazing,” Ms Green said.

“They were all well-mannered and polite. You hear lots of different funny stories.”

Mr Ryan said: “It’s the people that you meet. You can hear their stories.”

The Sunbury residents praised the community for its generosity and support.

“People just gave donations when they didn’t want sausages. We’ve had a ball – it’s been a wonderful experience,” Mr Green said.

Challenge chief executive Dave Rogers said the Greens and Mr Ryan would be dearly missed.

“Words are inadequate to express the appreciation,” he said.

“10 years is a huge commitment. That type of individual generosity is fading. We have to look at how we can best continue that tradition. It’ll be sad to see it just wrapped up.”

Mr Rogers said the money raised from the barbecues went towards providing families with accommodation at Challenge’s holiday homes.

Challenge is seeking people who are interested to continue the Sunbury barbecue. Contact Mr Rogers on 0419 543 643.