Lancefield lights up

decoration. 11.12.2019 . ( Mark Wilson). Lancefield has been decorated with Christmas decorations using recycled materials.

By Jessica Micallef

Lancefield has been decked with all things Christmas thanks to the Lancefield Neighbourhood House.

House co-ordinator Vivien Philpotts said house members, primary school pupils and locals have been preparing and creating recycled Christmas decorations to ring in the festive season.

“Children from primary schools have made a decorated stocking, and that was all put together in a long string and it was put underneath verandahs,” she said.

“At the main street, at the end of the road, they’ve got polystyrene boxes from the fruit shop and wrapped them in Christmas tablecloths.”

Ms Philpotts said all the decorations were handmade from recycled items. “There has been a team of six [Neighbourhood House volunteers] that have been spending two to three afternoons a week for the last six months to make the decorations. If you gave them something, they would turn it into a Christmas decoration.”