Krystyna’s global mission to help

A simple Google search of volunteering opportunities set a Sunbury teenager on a path to helping orphans in Vietnam or Uganda.

Krystyna Rodic, 16, is looking to raise $2500 so she can support Global Volunteer Network’s mission to help community organisations in one of the two countries.

She’s already received a $500 network scholarship and completed preliminary training, as she looks to join the organisation’s 20,000 volunteers around the world sometime next year.

‘‘I was just looking up volunteering stuff, because it can be really hard to find something for people under 18,’’ Krystyna says.

‘‘I came across GVN and found it really interesting, so I decided to register to volunteer.’’

Krystyna’s dedication to helping others isn’t something new – a couple of years ago the Gisborne Secondary College student shaved her head for a cancer charity.

As a young child, she would collect donations from relatives for impromptu raffles to help people less fortunate than herself.

‘‘I’ve been raised in a good family and had lots of good things happen in my life,’’ Krystyna says.

‘‘I’ve got so much, I’m not going to stop helping people until the world is a better place.’’

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