Kansas calls for kindness

Edgar’s Mission founder Pam Ahern with rescued lamb Kansas (supplied).

Edgar’s Mission lamb, Kansas, is calling on kind humans to join her today, on November 28, for Giving Tuesday, a global movement of generosity.

Not-for-profit sanctuary Edgar’s Mission rescued the resilient lamb after she was found covered in mud, with her tail partially chewed off and unable to move.

Kansas was then raced to the sanctuary and the small team immediately began to weave the magic of kindness for her.

Sanctuary founder Pam Ahern said although she was critically ill, they held firm in the belief that she would be able to walk again.

“Although there were many signs that Kansas may not make it, she refused to give in and so did we,” she said.

“With the aid of a little wheelchair Kansas grew stronger each day, and eventually her first wobbly steps turned into a joyous run.”

In the past year, Edgar’s Mission has reached a staggering 455 million people on social media, and this Giving Tuesday, they are calling on kind hearts to help more animals like Kansas.

Ms Ahern said they have set an ambitious target to raise $221,000 to cover the annual food and bedding costs for the 400 rescued residents.

“With the generous assistance of our wonderful community, we believe this miracle can happen,” she said.

“It is through this that we echo the plea of mercy for millions upon millions of farmed animals who will never know kindness.

“With every story told, like that of Kansas, our work is amplified as hearts and minds across the globe are being transformed while we inch ever closer towards a kinder world for everyone.”

Details: edgarsmission.org.au/