Howzat for a mission?

Craig Dodson (Supplied)

By Jessica Micallef

Craig Dodson is strapping on the cricket pads and travelling the nation with hopes to spread awareness about the importance of mental health among men.

A passionate cricket fan and writer, Mr Dodson will travel to 10 cricket clubs in Australia this summer, including the Rupertswood Cricket Club in Sunbury.

During each visit, Mr Dodson will play a game of cricket before speaking about the importance of reaching out for help when times get tough.

“After each match, we go to the clubrooms and I give a brief chat about the project,” he said.

“Rupertswood was on top of my list because of the fantastic history as the
birthplace of the Ashes.”

During his travels, Mr Dodson is hoping to raise $10,000 for not-for-profit mental health foundation Gotcha4Life.

Mr Dodson will play at Rupertswood Cricket Club on Saturday, November 30.