How a puppy becomes a class act

(Picture: Joe Mastroianni)

By Jessica Micallef

Petbarn Sunbury is inviting dog owners to bring their junior furry friends along to its new puppy school program.

The program will teach puppies basic obedience and commands and how to appropriately socialise with other dogs and people.

Petbarn Sunbury store manager Rikki-Lee Douglas said making sure puppies were trained from an early age sets them up for happy adult years.

“Our puppy school program will not only teach puppies vital socialisation skills and help them develop into clever and obedient dogs, but will strengthen the bond between pet parents and their pets,” she said.

Together with Greencross Vets, the Petbarn Sunbury puppy program will equip owners with the knowledge they need to read their pooch’s cues and behaviours, while giving the puppies the skills needed to become friendly and social dogs.

Greencross Vets chief veterinarian Rachel Chay said correct training from an early age sets puppies up as loyal companions and friends well into their senior years.

“Socialisation skills in the first few weeks of a dog’s life set the standard for their behaviours as adult dogs,” Dr Chay said.

Ms Douglas said she was excited about working with local dogs.

“We want all of our graduates leaving our puppy school as well-mannered members of the family,” she said.

Petbarn’s puppy school is for animals eight to 16 to weeks old.

Details: Petbarn Sunbury, 9908 5170