House for migrant workers within rules: council

Claims that a Kyneton residential property is being used as an unregistered rooming house for migrant workers have been rejected by Macedon Ranges council.

Kyneton resident Dean Trickey said up to eight people had been living in the Castles Crescent house since it was bought by a new owner about 14 months ago.

He said the house’s lounge had been converted into a bedroom with neighbours left to deal with problems caused by a large amount of household rubbish and cars being parked on the street and lawns.

‘‘There’s been numerous times when bins have been overflowing and there’s often about five cars there,’’ he said. ‘‘I’ve got no axe to grind with the people. But at the same time, we shouldn’t have to put up with it.’’

Consumer Affairs Victoria (CAV) defines a rooming house as a building where one or more rooms are available to rent and four or more people occupy those rooms.

Council planning and environment director Sophie Segafredo said staff had inspected the property and were satisifed it was not being used as a rooming house.

‘‘It is a rental property, under one lease, with the occupants knowing each other,’’ Ms Segafredo said.

She said building approval was not needed for the construction of an internal wall in the house’s lounge area because it was not a load-bearing wall. Ms Segafredo said there were no registered rooming houses in the Macedon Ranges and no regular or recurring complaints about possible unregistered operations.

According to CAV, evidence of rooming house activity can include a large number of residents, interior changes indicating multiple occupation, and many cars being parked on or off the street.

Residents who are concerned about potential rooming house activity should contact the council on 5422 0333.