Hollywood no more

The Villawood sign in Sunbury (supplied).

Zoe Moffatt

Property developer Villawood will remove its Hollywood-style sign from Jackson Creek Hill after it was revealed the company did not get the required permit for the sign.

The sign, which Villawood said was erected on private land, made headlines after residents expressed their frustrations about it and its location facing Emu Bottom Wetlands.

Resident Lisa O’Brien has been a leading proponent against the sign and said it’s fantastic it is going to be taken down.

“It’s only a small win for Sunbury, but it’s still a win,” Ms O’Brien said.

“If we can stop them (Villawood) from being underhanded and make sure they follow council protocols then we will be better off.

“We, as a Sunbury community, need to be aware of what our Sunbury icons are and we need to be protective over them.”

Ms O’Brien said she was told by deputy mayor Karen Sherry on February 23, that it did not appear any planning permit had been approved which was required for business identification signage.

In her communication, which Star Weekly has seen, councillor Sherry said the structure appeared to meet the definition of business identification signage under the Hume Planning Scheme.

“A worker from Villawood contacted me and said they had contacted all the proper people and… everyone was happy with [the sign],” Ms O’Brien said.

“Then when I raised it was advertising and required a permit, the worker quickly got off the phone.”

A Hume council spokesperson confirmed a permit is required for the Villawood sign, following an investigation into the matter.

“Council has communicated this to the developer and given them notice to remove the sign within 14 days,” they said.

“The developer has flagged [its] intention to remove the sign…. [and] will in future work with council to ensure required permits are in place before any works are undertaken.”

Villawood confirmed in a statement it is in the process of applying for a permit and in the meantime the lettering will be taken down.

Villawood did not answer questions asking why it didn’t apply for a permit and did not comment on the worker who told Ms O’Brien “they had contacted all the proper people and… everyone was happy with [the sign]”.