High burglary rates in shire postcodes

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Three suburbs in the Macedon Ranges have been ranked among the most burglary-prone postcodes in the state, according to new data.

The RACV data for last year found that Monegeetta, Bolinda and Bylands, all in the east of the shire, had home burglary incidents well above the state average of one in 148 homes.

Houses in the Bylands experienced the most severe burglary risk (one in 23 homes), followed by Monegeetta (one in 32 homes) and Bolinda (one in 47 homes).

These suburbs are significant outliers in the shire which boasts a relatively safe overall burglary rate of one in 215 homes.

These postcodes are also some of the least populated in the council area, with each having a population of less than 300 people, according to the 2016 census.

Macedon had the lowest rate of burglary in the shire at just one in 430 homes.

RACV and Neighbourhood Watch had developed a ‘How Safe is My Home Tool’ to help homeowners sure-up their properties.

Individuals can log on to take the free online quiz which then provides insights into how to improve home safety.

Neighbourhood Watch chief executive officer Bambi Gordon said even little things can help prevent future incidents.

“The tool gets you thinking about your current home security and what you can do to protect your home in terms of practical advice and tips,” Ms Gordon said.

“In addition to using the ‘How Safe is My Place’ tool, introducing yourself to neighbours and exchanging contact details, joining or establishing a Neighbourhood Watch group and securing your property to prevent opportunistic crimes can all make a significant difference.”

The RACV website also recommends installing a monitored security system, establishing a family plan to respond to emergencies and making sure doors to the home have locks that meet Australian standards.

To take the ‘How Safe is My Place’ test, visit: howsafeismyplace.com.au/