Heavy rain delays Bulla Tip removal

Rubbish from the Bulla Tip will start to disappear as soon as the weather improves. (Joe Mastroianni)

By Oliver Lees

The process of moving the large quantity of rubbish at the Bulla Tip into a containment cell has been delayed due to heavy rain, according to the company responsible for the site.

The site has remained a point of frustration for some locals, with many complaining online about litter blowing onto surrounding properties and the poor smell coming from the site.

The Australian Recycling Corporation (ARC) took over the license of the Bulla Tip & Quarry (BTQ) site in 2018 and has since been working with the Environmental Protection Authority (EPA) to have the landfill relocated to a cell dug on site.

In May, ARC received approval from the EPA to line the cell in order to prepare it to receive the waste.

Speaking with Star Weekly later that month, ARC director Leo Radiotis said the pile would begin to be moved into the prepared cell in the next six months.

However last week Mr Radiotis provided an update on the project, stating that poor weather had constrained his team’s ability to get going with the relocation.

“We’re still trying to line the cell, but we’ve had some walls collapse because some of it [the rain] has been so heavy,” Mr Radiotis said.

“The cell is prepared in every other sense, but the lining can’t start until we dry it out.”

Mr Radiotis said approximately 200,000 litres, or “10 decent sized swimming pools” of water had to be removed from the cell using pumping systems and water trucks.

“It’s weather dependent, that’s the problem. The whole process should take 15 days or three weeks in a dry circumstance, unfortunately we’re not getting a break,” he said.

Sunbury Residents Association president Graham Williams said the community was eager to see the large pile disappear as advertised.

“It’s an ongoing concern with the amount of litter, and it doesn’t do anything to enhance the beautiful nature of coming into Sunbury,” Mr Williams said.