Glass cut from Ranges recycling

By Jessica Micallef

Macedon Ranges council is urging residents to separate glass from their recycling materials.

The council and its waste contractor Four Seasons Waste have been seeking alternative options for processing the area’s recycling following the closure of SKM Recycling this month. An alternative processor has been identified but they will not accept glass.

The council’s acting assets and operations director Anne-Louise Linder urged residents to remove glass from their recycling bin, effective immediately.

“We really hope the community will come on board and help us to remove glass from recycling bins,” she said.

“Shards and small pieces of glass can become embedded in paper and cardboard in recycling bins and contaminate the other recyclables.”

The council will conduct bin audits in the coming weeks and will be monitoring the glass levels in bins.

Ms Linder said council is still exploring options regarding alternative processors.

“It is not possible to enter any agreement until bin audits demonstrate glass has been removed from the recycling stream,” she said.

“Several processors in Victoria accept mixed recycling, however their capacity is limited and processing costs are high due to the greater demand from local government costumers.

“It is important to note, sending recycling to landfill also comes at a cost to council as there are no council-owned landfills in the shire.”

Residents can take glass recyclables free of charge to council’s transfer stations in Kyneton, Woodend and Romsey. Lancefield residents who are currently taking part in a glass recycling trial can continue to use their glass only bins provided as part of the trial.

The state government recently announced a $6.6 million package to help the 33 councils affected by SKM’s closure.

Council will consider long-term recycling options at its next meeting on August 28.