Getting on with disaster cleanup


A lead contractor has been appointed for the federal and state government’s coordinated cleanup in the aftermath of the recent devastating fires and storms.

Disaster recovery specialist Hansen Yuncken has the expertise to work on complex projects and will work with local sub-contractors to get communities back on their feet.

Cleanup activities for impacted households and communities will be jointly funded through the Commonwealth-State Disaster Recovery Funding Arrangements.

Emergency Services Minister Jaclyn Symes said they are getting on with the cleanup.

“We are… working with councils and the community, so that properties are safe and essential infrastructure is restored,” she said.

“Councils and other agencies have already been on the ground helping communities clear debris.

“This additional support will ensure that we fast-track the cleanup and ensure that people can start their recovery as fast as possible.”

The severe Victorian weather event of February 13, caused widespread damage right across Victoria with fires claiming 46 homes and a business in Pomonal and Dadswells Bridge.

While the storms have left 44 homes uninhabitable in parts of the state including Mirboo North.

Demolition of damaged houses, asbestos and other hazard removal will be included as part of the cleanup in the affected communities while hazardous tree removal will also be part of the work completed.

The state government will also establish a centralised green waste facility for the cleanup and is continuing to work with the federal government to finalise its location.