Get fire ready this spring

(Pic by Jo-Anne McArthur via Unsplash)

The Country Fire Authority (CFA) is urging landholders to use the beginning of spring to prepare for the bushfire season, despite recent forecasts suggesting below normal fire potential in the north-west of Victoria.

According to the National Council for Fire and Emergency Services’ Bushfire Seasonal Outlook for Spring, a forecast of above average rainfall is expected for the north-west and central ranges, which in turn will reduce the likelihood of a harsh beginning to the fire season before summer.

But CFA north west Region community engagement co-ordinator Paul Tangey is encouraging all landholders to use the Spring months to prepare their properties for the worst.

Mr Tangey said this includes clearing the property of ‘fine fuels’, which refers to tree debris commonly found around homes that is easily ignitable.

“Our messaging now we’ve started spring, is not to be complacent, but rather make sure you’ve done all the little things like keeping your grass mowed and cleaning the property of leaves and twigs,” he said.

“One thing we ask people to do is revise and develop their bushfire survival plan; where they’re going having multiple ways.”

Emergency Management Victoria commissioner Andrew Crisp said it’s important to treat each season with the same high level of preparation.

“We’re never complacent about the risk of fire and severe weather throughout the year,” he said.

For more information on how to best prepare for the fire season, visit the CFA website:

For emergency assistance, contact the Vic Emergency Hotline: 1800 226 226.

Oliver Lees