Gardens of goodness

Students Aruen, Oscar, Emily, Archer and Cohen sample an edible garden. Photo: Joe Mastroianni)

By Jessica Micallef

You’re invited to spend some thyme at an open edible garden this weekend.

Twelve edible gardens will be open during the Kyneton Daffodil and Arts Festival, showcasing some of the best examples of growing healthy, fresh food.

Edible gardens organiser Nea Gyorffy said the gardens were a great source of inspiration for people interested in growing their own food.

“We encourage visitors to learn and exchange ideas about growing sustainable, organic, edible plants,” she said.

“Working edible gardens are not necessarily pretty but are all about maintaining productive rich soil, producing fresh food without using chemicals, reducing the cost of food but not compromising, and enjoying a healthy lifestyle.

“It is incredibly satisfying when you can step out your door and pluck a juicy eggplant or zucchini from the garden and prepare it for your meal.”

“Growing your own food is now more important than ever for freshness, knowing its origin and keeping low food miles.

“Visiting open edible gardens helps you find inspiration to get out there and grow your own food, be it in a very large vegetable garden, in a small garden or amongst the ornamentals.

“It is a great way to help you learn how to improve your soil, ways of water saving [and] composting.”

The open gardens are located in Taradale, Kyneton, Lauriston and Macedon and will be open between September 7-8.

For more information regarding locations and opening times of each garden, visit: