Funding steams ahead

Trentham Rail and Tramway Association with Macedon MP Mary-Anne Thomas (supplied).

Trentham Rail and Tramway Association (TRATA) has been named as one of 66 not-for-profit groups to receive funding for small projects and maintenance.

The grant program provided groups that lease rail land, buildings and other assets from VicTrack a share in more than $500,000.

Macedon MP Mary-Anne Thomas announced TRATA’s successful application on February 7, and congratulated them on their excellent volunteer work for the Trentham community.

“Our not-for-profit groups play such an important role in people’s lives and these VicTrack grants will ensure communities can continue to reap the benefits from them,” she said.

Public and Active Transport Minister Gabrielle Williams said the funding will make a huge difference to the many groups which support their communities.

“I would like to thank everyone who has a community lease with VicTrack,” she said.

“[This is] for the work they do to preserve our state’s rail history, and to manage buildings and land so they can be used to benefit local communities.”

The community grants program was launched to support groups with managing their community spaces, including public open spaces, art galleries, museums, libraries, creative spaces, and community hubs.

Groups applied for grants of up to $10,000, which the state government said will help them to meet regulatory obligations relating to safety or environmental management, and restorations or refurbishments to their buildings or land.

Applications were assessed by a VicTrack panel, and the grants will be released to successful applicants early this year.

VicTrack makes underused land and buildings available to community organisations through its community leasing program.

It charges groups an affordable rent, which is significantly reduced compared to a commercial rental rate.