Fun at warp speed


Jessica Micallef

Goonawarra Primary School pupils will soon be able to get their ninja on at a new playground.

The final design plans of a grade 5 and 6 playground at the school have been released – and the playground promises to provide all sorts of fun.

School council vice president Farrah Maskell said the current playground for the students was not suitable for playing on.

“As the school got bigger we invested money in the little grades’ playground because they play more,” she said.

“There was a definite need for it to be upgraded and updated but the problem was funding.

“Big projects like this, it’s a good several years of saving money.”

Ms Maskell went to Sunbury real estate developer Kingsfield in August last year, after it was advertised the company would assist in funding local projects.

The company got on board with the project, agreeing to fund the project.

Ms Maskell then went to the students, asking what they would like featured in their brand new playground.

She said the students grew inspiration from the hit TV show Australian Ninja Warrior.

“They wanted a warped wall,” she said.

“If you have a look at the plan there are quite a few elements from it that relate to what you see on TV but a more kid size version” she said.

“We needed something that would engage them and not something they were just going to scoff their nose at.

“This has really been designed to get them up, get them active and get them out there.”

The playground is expected to be installed in August.