Find your flock

The logo for Sunbury and Cobaw Community Health's series 'Birds of a Feather' luncheons, which are designed to support gender and sexually diverse members of the community. (Supplied)

Oliver Lees

Sunbury and Cobaw Community Health (SCCH) will host a new series of luncheons for gender and sexually diverse adults in the community, as a means of fostering connection and support.

The ‘Birds of a Feather’ series will take place four times a year, as part of SCCH’s Country LGBTI Inclusive Program (CLIP).

CLIP team member Belinda Brain said she hopes the events will improve the social and mental health of LGBTI in the community, especially older members of the community who are more prone to social isolation.

“That’s why the notion of birds of a feather flocking together is representative of the diverse range of sexual and gender orientations, life stages and capabilities found in the LGBTI community, and is at the heart of our luncheons,” she said.

Ms Brain said she also encouraged residents living in aged care to attend the luncheon.

Should lockdown restrictions ease, the inaugural luncheon will take pace on September 17 from noon to 2pm at the Shamrock Hotel in Kyneton.

The event will feature Christine Nixon, who served as Australia’s first female police chief commissioner and who also led a police contingent at a public LGBTI pride march in 2002.

CLIP volunteer Nathan Allwood said the gatherings will be a safe and inclusive place where people can be themselves and make friends.

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